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How To Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Seeing those two lines on a pregnancy test can be terrifying when it was not expected or sought after. The second thought that often comes to mind is how to tell your parents you’re pregnant. It may be tempting to keep it a secret or delay telling them, but this is not the best plan of action. They will find out sooner or later. It is vital to the health of yourself and your child to tell them as soon as possible to get the proper care. It may be painful to tell them, but not doing so could be detrimental and is only delaying the inevitable.

When telling your parents you are pregnant, it is best to take the approach of ripping off the band aid. Find a time where each parent is in an even keeled mood and sit them down to tell them in a private place. If you need support, ask an adult whom you both trust, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. to be there as well for support. It may feel like it is the hardest thing you will ever do, but it is best to simply tell them, “I am pregnant.” You will have to deal with a lot of emotions. It is important to let them feel what they need to feel.

If you are worried they may be angry, utilize the idea of having a support person there with you. Do not tell them in public. It may make you feel safer, but it will only escalate the situation. After that, give them time. Take the first few days with a grain of salt until emotions have had a chance to play out. Just as you were shocked and fearful of the news, your parents will likely be as well. It can be hard to see the plans that you have for your child change so drastically. Talk out your plans with your parents and do your best to keep them involved and informed in the process. They can be your greatest support system. It is proven that having a good familial support is key. Tell them early, give them time and space, and remain truthful and open throughout your pregnancy.

Written by Lita Jordan

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